Dawn Thandeka King on ‘dark times’ and finding love again

Dawn Thandeka King on ‘dark times’ and finding love again

Dawn Thandeka King on 'dark times' and finding love again 1

Dawn Thandeka King has endured many difficulties over the past few years, but is in a much better space how and, with a new love in her life, wants to inspire others to find strength and healing.

The star, who plays the role of MaZet on Lockdown, split from her husband three years ago and has faced many dark days since.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE at the launch of the fifth season of the hit Showmax drama series, Dawn said from day one on set of the show, she found support from her co-stars as she battled “the demons” in her personal life.

This is what she had to say:

“We are not just fellow actors.There is a sisterhood on set. That is something you wouldn’t know unless you are part of the cast or visit the set. You will see how we all interact and take time to pour our hearts out to each other. We are a family.”

Dawn has since found love again and is in a good space at the moment, but there are no plans for a wedding just yet.

“I am not really going to rush into marriage right now. I just came from a 13-year marriage so I would not want to rush into anything. I am happy the way I am, and I am not pressured into doing anything. I am just enjoying being a mom.”

Dawn said she was open with her children about the struggles she went through after her divorce, and said she has found strength from opening up about her battles with depression.

“I realise the importance of the platform I have. I realise the importance of speaking out, because if I don’t speak out about it, who will? I guess I will forever speak about depression and about the importance of taking care of yourself because taking care of myself was the one thing that brought me back.”