Covid-19: The ‘Nightmare’ is Almost Over, Latest Statistics Tell It All

Covid-19: The ‘Nightmare’ is Almost Over, Latest Statistics Tell It All

The country has been suffering through this third wave of coronavirus infections for over a month now. What started very lightly quickly turned into a very devastating third wave, and it came with the introduction of the Delta variant of the coronavirus. This then resulted in Cyril Ramaphosa introducing the country to a 14-day lockdown under alert level 4.

This was the start of South Africa’s nightmare, as regulations under alert level really limit people’s lives. It’s been almost 20 days since the start of alert level 4 as the country has been having high cases of Covid-19 but now things are starting to change. It will seem like the worst nightmare is almost over for South Africa.

On Sunday the 18th of July, South Africa recorded about 11,000 new Covid-19 infections. Although this may seem a bit much, it is a very good number when compared to the previous number of infections the country had reported under alert level for. It was under this alert level 4 that the country broke its own record of daily infections.

In the first week of the 14 day lockdown, South Africa recorded about 26,000 new infections in a 24-hour period. This was something unprecedented and to see the cases go down to about 11,000 is a good thing. The number of deaths has also dramatically decreased over the past few days, which shows some sizeable progress.

With the case is decreasing in such a manner, it means that the country is likely to move from alert level 4 in the next few days. As one can see from the graph of all the three ways the country has undergone since the pandemic started last year, it’s quite evident that the third wave seems to be turning. The aim of this whole level 4 of the lockdown was to get the third wave of infections to pick and turn around it’s fast as possible.

This can be seen on the graph and as well as on the numbers. It was predicted that the third wave would go higher than the first two waves, but it is evident that could have been a miscalculation. The third wave did go higher than the first wave, but it seems to be reaching its peak before it passes the second wave of infections. This is very good news for South Africa.

What is your thought on the matter? Do you think that so that I’m about as likely to move the country back to lower levels of the lockdown, or is he going to continue extending this lockdown for more days?