Covid-19 : Jub Jub is out for revenge” no one did anything for him”

Covid-19 : Jub Jub is out for revenge” no one did anything for him”

Uyajola 9/9 star is out to seek retribution. Some have been requesting that he delayed down in uncovering their clandestine relationships yet the star won’t down. The introduction of these issues and the diversion for Mzansi still proceeds.


A video has been circling via web-based networking media stages. In this video, Jub clarifies that he’s not here to mess around.

He additionally expresses that when he was in Prison, nobody did anything for him or helped him out when he required them and now he’s out for retribution.

“There’s no fellowship in this show. I couldn’t care less on the off chance that you know me or in the event that you know where I work. On the off chance that you think Covid-19 is an issue, at that point you haven’t seen anything yet. I couldn’t care less about any of you,” said Jub.

For the individuals who may have missed a story on why the star was in Prison, a couple of years prior, Jub was Imprisoned for homicide after a fender bender he was a piece of left four kids dead in 2010. He was discharged on parole and returned on our television screens with a blast. His Show has been inclining each Sunday and Mzansi has been cherishing his introducing aptitudes. The subtleties on when this video was taken are as yet crude.


source : twitter/instagram/ news365