Corruption Rumours: Shauwn Mkhize clears the air 

Corruption Rumours: Shauwn Mkhize clears the air

Corruption Rumours: Shauwn Mkhize clears the air  1


Finance manager Shauwn Mkhize woke up to her home drifting after an article was composed which put her under investigation. An article which was composed by TimesLive had the feature: “First class cops captured for debasement, coercion and abducting in Durban” caused a stir as the picture was of the truth star’s house.

Shauwn Mkhize

Befuddled and stunned at the ‘phony news’ she pummeled the distribution for the error in the revealing. Despite the fact that she came out and said that it was bogus, Shawn Mkhize’s riches has been addressed by numerous since the time the absolute first scene of her hit reality arrangement Kwa MamMkhize which broadcasted on Mzansi Magic.

Corruption Rumours: Shauwn Mkhize clears the air  2

Shauwn Mkhize

Taking to Instagram she pummeled the distribution for including her in the defilement business and the captures of degenerate cops who were detained for blackmail and hijacking.

“Great morning all I wake up to this … my home going around via web-based media with features ‘First class COPS ARRESTED FOR CORRUPTION, EXTORTION AND KIDNAPPING IN DURBAN’ @timesliveza would you be able to please disclose to me for what reason is my home on this story, as I am not a cop who was captured and I am not an individual who the cash was blackmailed from … .THIS IS VERY WRONG,” she shouted.

Her remarks segment was loaded up with devotees having a similar resentment as Shauwn Mkhize who exhorted her to sue or press charges so as to demonstrate her innocence. The distribution has since eliminated the story from their online media and changed the picture of their story.Corruption Rumours: Shauwn Mkhize clears the air  3


In the event that you may review Shauwn Mkhize stood out as truly newsworthy in 2012 when she attempted to pay off an observer in an extortion case. In her rap sheet, she was dealing with 173 indictments of misrepresentation and imitation. Notwithstanding, the charges were later on dropped.

She’s additionally been in a fight in court with the South African Revenue Service (SARS). At the point when she was still with Sbu Mpisane, SARS ran examination regarding what Shauwn Mkhize and Sbu owed the taxman. In 2016, SARS authorities said that the Mpisanes owed the taxman an aggregate of R141 million.

Blessed enough for Shauwn Mkhize she had a solid lawful group that helped fight with SARS and the bad dream is finished. Despite the fact that she says her privileges were disregarded she accepts that her side of the story was at last heard.