Connie Ferguson told she has CANCER

Connie Ferguson told she has CANCER

Connie Ferguson told she has CANCER 1Connie Ferguson is outraged at news made about her concerning her health.

The Fergusons have been victims of such prophecies being spread on social media. Their lives have been made a public spectacle while the so-called prophets seek fame by using their name.

Last year, after Shona Ferguson passed away, a man claimed to be a prophet who goes by the name of Ra, said that he warned Connie about Shona. This prophet stated that he told Connie to do something or consult a prophet if she wants to save Shona’s life.

Now, another one has come and made claims about Connie’s health which is obviously aimed at causing in her family.

This self-claimed prophet made a video that has since gone viral. It has even reached Connie who was left triggered after having this video clip of this so-called prophet who claimed she was in danger.

Annoyed and outraged, Connie took to Twitter and stated now triggered she was by this as she put angry face emojis.

This man who claims to be a prophet goes by the name of Aaron Xhali, posted a video delivering a warning about what is supposedly happening to her.

In the clip, Aaron can be heard mentioning Connie’s name and saying she had developed cancer in her body.

Well, the whole Ferguson family was far from being pleased with this video, in fact, they were so outraged.

Connie’s daughter, Lesedi, was also left fuming by the clip as she went on to accuse this man of using her family name for clout.

Lesedi was very much direct and told this man that if he was a true messenger of God like he claims, he would not have used Twitter to deliver this message.

Lesedi told this man that he has malicious intentions by her using her family as clickbait.


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