Congratulations Are In Order For Scandal Actress Botlhale Boikanyo: graduation

Congratulations Are In Order For Scandal Actress Botlhale Boikanyo: graduation

Congratulations Are In Order For Scandal Actress Botlhale Boikanyo: graduation 1Congratulations are in order for TV actress and poet Botlhale Boikanyo, who has bagged a degree in Motion Pictures. As a qualified director and producer, the actress is prepared to make her mark in the world of film and television.

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It’s always inspiring to see young artists succeed at the top of their professions, and sis is really raising the bar with her achievements. The actress took to her Instagram account to share the exciting news with a warm reception.

She also shared that she won an award for Producing, Yass girl, and we are happy for her for achieving this impressive milestone. “I’m so proud of this little black girl who against all odds followed her dreams & passion and preserved through it all. This moment here is the start of a new chapter for me, an affirmation of my dreams and a step closer towards achieving them, she wrote.

“I’m so grateful to God for allowing me to walk in my purpose, for each gift & for always making provision. Grateful to my support structure that was there through it all. WE DID IT. I present to you Botlhale Boikanyo – a qualified Director & Producer on the way to making her mark in this industry.”

Bothell has been in the industry for more than a decade and we have enjoyed watching her grow in leaps and bounds. Her talent is evident and she is definitely born to entertain. She always leaves us on the edge of our seats with her performances, and we cannot wait to see her flourish even more in the industry,

Her rise to superstardom came when she was only 11 years old after she won e-TV’s SA’s Got Talent competition back in 2012, and she never looked back. In 2015 she bagged the role of Omphile on the popular e-TV soap opera Scandal.

Speaking about her journey then, she told ZAlebs: “It’s been amazing in the sense that I’ve managed to pace myself. The things and the opportunities that I’ve come across have come at the right time and have happened when they were supposed to happen. It’s been a good year.”

She also added that she has learned that everything is now easy but hard work pays off. She said she wants to be the producer of her own show when she reaches 25. “I’ve learned about how tough it is. Things are not always as easy as they seem. Opportunities don’t come as easily as people think they do…At 25, I wanna be the producer of my own show. Hopefully, I’ll have my own production company. I’ll be acting,” she said.

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