Check out pics of the Klawer killer suspect

Check out pics of the Klawer killer suspect

Check out pics of the Klawer killer suspect 1Source:

South Africa Politician and human activist Gayton McKenzie have taken to popular micro-blogging site Twitter to share pictures of the Klawer killer.

Apart from the pictures, Gayton also shared some information about the current status of the murder case.

Take a look at his post below;

“No bail has been granted to the Klawer Killer. He confessed. A top forensic team has been brought in with round-the-clock security at the crime scene. It’s suspected he’s killed far more than the multiple victims he’s admitted to already. We met the cops and salute the good work.”

Some people have reacted to this, take a look at their responses below;

@AmosMokoroane tweeted,

“Second frame.”

@VulaVaala tweeted,

“Maybe even recruits younger ones”

@Gobetse_M tweeted,

“So many red flags in the second picture, whyte parents will NEVER let their kids get that close to a black man, rena why do we trust them?”

@Linda26073655 tweeted,

“Why do we like to compare ourselves with other”

@nathanmahachi tweeted,

“Is he a foreigner?”

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