Bullets Everywhere As JB Kills Kalashnikov_RockvilleFinale

Bullets Everywhere As JB Kills Kalashnikov_RockvilleFinale

Bullets Everywhere As JB Kills Kalashnikov_RockvilleFinale 1Kalashnikov had plans of killing JB so that he can rule Hotel Paradiso but things did not go as planned instead because as Sgora went out to look for Buhle and JB, he got killed by Lindi.

This is after Lindi helped Buhle (the very same woman that is at the forefront of what could have been the demise of her marriage) escape the claws of Kalashnikov. Buhle escaped and went to JB in the little apartment he arranged for Vicky and Delani.

Lindi hears the conversation between Sgora and Kalashnikov as Kalashnikov gives Sgora the order and immediately Lindi wants to protect her husband from all this madness but is it a bit too late? Lindi is able to call JB just before he walks into a trap.

Unfortunately, Sgora and his goons are able to get into Vicky’s apartment and scare everyone including Buhle, no one gets injured though. Vicky, Delani and Buhle escape. This is when JB comes in to save the lady but just as he thinks he has conquered this part, Sgora walks in with a gun.

Delani was just giving his dad a hug when Sgora showed up on the rooftop. JB tells Delani to disappear so he can deal with Sgora. Unfortunately, Sgora shoots JB and just in the nick of time Lindi is there with them and she shoots Sgora from behind and he falls to his knees. Legendary right.

JB goes to the hospital and he is back to himself in just a day and he is fuming. He wants to get his hotel back and to do that, he enlists the help of Thembi Nyandeni who has the powers needed to make sure that JB does not go to jail for all his shady dealings.

He goes to Hotel Paradiso and he kills everything that does not belong there. Still in his not so well state. That time Kalashnikov has lured Mavis into his office and seeing how oblivious this woman has been to what her daughter has been doing at the hotel. He blurts that this hotel is a fancy hotel. Shook is an understatement.

The journalist thought she had an expose on her hands that could change the course of her career kanti Mam’Nyandeni is here to get her arrested for withholding information that could have helped an investigation into the heist that JB was involved in many episodes ago.

While Kalashnikov is busy threatening Mavis, JB storms in and a fight ensues. Kalashnikov goes to the hotel’s rooftop when he realises that the gun has no bullets. JB follows him and Kalashnikov fools JB into asking for a gentleman’s fight and that they should lose the guns. This is all a ploy to get JB and kill him, when JB does that, Kala shoots JB and in true JB style, he has got a bulletproof vest on and so he blesses Kala with bullets for when he meets his maker. His body is riddled with bullets and when Kala falls to his knees, it is not a pretty sight to witness but JB did that, he got what was his.

The divorce is off and all is well between Vicky, Delani and Lindi. Needless to say, Mavis deals with Lindi and JB because they lied to her about the real dealings of Hotel Paradiso.

Today was the season finale of Rockville and we cannot wait to see how Season 6 unfolds.