Brenden Praise and Mpoomy Ledwaba after Five years of a beautiful marriage 

Brenden Praise and Mpoomy Ledwaba after Five years of a beautiful marriage

Brenden Praise and Mpoomy Ledwaba after Five years of a beautiful marriage  1(Source: daily

It’s always crucial to celebrate love, with all its shape, size, and form. Once you find unconditional love then you will not think twice about taking it to the next stage — getting married. This will occur after countless dates as you’re getting to know your partner. The benefits of being in a relationship are beyond materialistic things, as you get to be with your partner, share different memories, experiences, quality time, build together, amongst other things. It’s all about giving love a chance and who knows? You just might get your Mr or Mrs. Right.

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Now, the South African singer and songwriter Brenden Praise alongside his influencer wife Mpoomy Ledwaba have recently celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. As they took a shot left to Zanzibar, Tanzania for a beautiful vacation after working hard on their personal and professional lives. The young couple has shared their beautiful photos on social media as they reminisce on their love life. They even spoke about their R10 000 wedding which was very economical considering the fact such occasions cost thousands of rands (more than R50 000). “This day five years ago I was 22 and turning 23 in a few days. My tummy was runny, and I was a little worried about how my Zulu uncles would treat my very gentle Pedi family. My sister-in-law @palesankuna pretty much held it down (well she had no choice) whether our lobola was successful or not, we were set to marry the next evening at 6 pm. Our entire wedding cost R10 000 including outfits, and we pretty much didn’t know what were eating after the wedding,” wrote Ledwaba on her official social media platform.

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The couple even stated that they did everything in one go, however, didn’t have any honeymoon. Nevertheless, everything has paid off as they’ve spent some much-needed time in Zanzibar. Brenden stated that his wife fulfills him and they’ve spent some incredible years together. “I’ve come to realize that time isn’t constant, sometimes it feels longer than others, in moments that take our breath away we feel time moves too quickly. In moments of pain, it never seems to end. My time spent with you has been the best use of my life, and these past five years have felt like time has flown by,” said Brenden on his official social media platform.

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