Blondie exposes Uyajola9/9 fake scenes

 Blondie exposes Uyajola9/9 fake scenes

Dramatization Uyajola 9/9, has been blamed for faking scenes by a lady what claims’ identity was paid to act during one of their scenes.

The lady broadly known by Uyajola9/9 watchers as Blondie, genuine name Nothando Gumede says she is currently in a tough situation with her family for showing up on TV battling for a man.

Blondie uncovered she thought she was acting simply like different entertainers when she was given a content and advised the activities she should do during creation.

Blondie claims she was paid R1,000 not to ever reveal her function in the scene to people in general.


The scene being referred to was shot in Ntinyane at Mbumbulu and she says the couple she stood up to in have no issues in their relationship and they also were acting.

“Where the shooting occurred is the home of the person that we should battle for, he remains with his sweetheart. They paid me R1,000 and this couple was paid R2,000 for them not to talk. Indeed, even the condoms which were there I’m the person who put them as I was told, for the scene to look genuine,” Blondie said.

Blondie said she hoped for something else than the quiet cash she was given as she is presently in a tough situation with her family for humiliating them on public TV

Blondie uncovers she feels cheated by the makers of Uyajola9/9 as she was even compelled to erase her Facebook account so watchers would not have the option to follow and get in touch with her. She says the difficulty does not merit the cash she was given.

Blondie has since send a SMS to Moja Love representative, Lindiwe Mbonambi yet she hasn’t got a reaction.

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