Another ANC Leader Shot Dead This Morning

Another ANC Leader Shot Dead This Morning

Another ANC Leader Shot Dead This Morning 1

Reports out of KwaZulu Natal this morning suggest that another influential local leader was shot dead in a mafia-style execution just days before the highly anticipated 55th national elective of the African National Congress (ANC).

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The Witness reports that Sunil Brijmohan, a former ward councillor in Ispingo and Amanzimtoti, was killed this morning in what appears to have been an assassination attempt.

Brijmohan was shot and killed by two men who approached him from behind while he stood near to a construction site, as seen in a CCTV video that has since gone viral on Facebook.

It is believed that police have already deployed agents to track out the criminals responsible.

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The 46-year-old had previously served as a councillor for ward 90 Amanzimtoti, but he or she was not re-elected following the 2021 local elections.

Whether or if his murder was motivated by politics is now unknown.

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When the ANC gets ready for a major event like a national elective conference, arguments are usually held at the branch level to pick delegates, and that’s usually where the squabbles start since leaders are trying to outdo one another in terms of who would have the most lucrative responsibilities.

A branch chairperson was shot and killed in eThekwini at the end of September, therefore Brijmohan’s death is likely the third in the last 30 days for identical reasons.

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There has been a noticeable uptick in violent crimes over the past few months, and public trust in the police’s capacity to effectively combat this problem has eroded considerably.

Several years ago, the Moerane commission was formed to investigate the problem of politically motivated homicides in KZN.

As of now, it is not clear if the administration really tried to follow the Moerane commission’s advice to end this wave of murders.

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In the near future, we would have hopefully learnt the identities of the killers and the motivations for the apparent assassination attempt.

However, you can rest assured that many more situations like this one will occur in the weeks and months leading up to the conference as colleagues compete with one another.


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