Zenande Mfenyana fends Connie and Shona Fergusons: She defends her bosses 

Zenande Mfenyana fends Connie and Shona Fergusons: She defends her bosses


It is shielded to express that the association between The Fergusons and their watchers is in a harsh spot following various protests from their own stand-out on-screen characters and past on-screen characters who have left.

Dineo Langa and Mlamli Mangcala’s are the latest setbacks who assurance to have been managed outlandishly by the creation house.

Mlamli Mangcala’s claims got given the spotlight with many planning to drop The Fergusons. He paralyzed various when he said he just got an enlargement of R100 from them. He moreover gets them out for making him pay for being on TV.

Zenande Mfenyana has come out to shield her supervisors from people who are scanning for her to affront them. She gave a brutal reprimand saying “Hands Off the Fergusons.”

Zenande plays Goodness on The Queen and she isn’t for the enmity her chiefs are getting.

“Don’t for one second acknowledge I will connect with people thumping my directors, so in case you have something adverse to state about them, don’t get it my notification please. We should respect each other. Hands off the Fergusons,” she created.


Zenande has at any rate deleted the tweet and it isn’t clear what may have caused her to do all things considered. Whatever it may be, the planned mother isn’t set up to snack the hands that feed her.

source : news365