AKAvsSizwe : AKA threats of a fist fight

AKAvsSizwe : AKA threats of a fist fight

AKAvsSizwe : AKA threats of a fist fight 1

Things got incredibly warmed on the TL on Sunday after media character Sizwe Dhlomo and rapper Also called conflicted in a lively war of words.

It showed up the Supa Mega wasn’t amazed with the “know-it all” mien Sizwe’s tweets appeared to be, where he told tweeps that Also called was a dreadful businessman. So the rapper decided to get Sizwe on the TL and tweeps understood that it would go down.

It shows up the rapper was reached, so as normal Also called took to Twitter to, uhm, toss the primary advanced left snare. It didn’t take tweeps long to comprehend that it was a sub for Sizwe.

Sizwe didn’t energetically grasp the sensitive hit from the rapper. He explained that he’s not one to be messed about with and tweeted Also called truly.

The media character gave one of his well known fiery extol backs, promising Also called a grip hand and a development! Ouch …

“I’ll be prompt with you youngster, mina I’ll f**k you ready for nothing, no convincing motivation to consent to arrangements. By then I’ll front you money for legitimate costs after that.”

The pair progressed toward the Twitter designs list considering the way that tweeps were all in for the show. In any case, while nobody hypothesized it, it showed up there was something different under the surface the eye with the pair.

Sizwe shared a mysterious tweet about how Also called might be ticked off considering the way that he requested Sizwe to feature in one from his shows and Sizwe clearly said no.

It might in like manner be related with the way that Also called has been selling the story that he’s out for the count since releasing his latest undertaking, AKATV.

The rapper even slanted toward the week’s end under the hashtag “AKAsanamali”, which suggests he ain’t got money. Clearly, he misused the situation to propel his “TV”.

He even mentioned that people give some money to keep him above water.

“Do whatever it takes not to let anyone uncover to you regardless … I am out for the count. Incredibly broke. I don’t have any money … in any way shape or form. Thankful,” Also called tweeted.

Without a doubt right …