Actor Chris Radebe head over heels in love with actress Lerato Mvelase

Actor Chris Radebe head over heels in love with actress Lerato Mvelase

Actor Chris Radebe head over heels in love with actress Lerato Mvelase 1Playwright and actor Chris Radebe could be deeply falling in love with fellow actress, Lerato Mvelase.

From time to time he has been dropping some sweet suggestive messages about Lerato.

A lot of people have suggested they stop playing hide and seek and start dating.

In a recent post, he wrote: “My female visitor was attacked outside my house this morning, as she was parking her car. According to neighbours, two women pulled up next to her as she was getting out of the car and started slapping her, calling her stupid for dating me. One neighbour recalls: ‘the one with short hair hit her with a spear-like Edge from TV, and the other one choke-slammed her,’ Poor Mrs Van Rooyen starts crying as she relives the gruesome incident.

‘When the nice lady was on the floor,’ Derek Miyambo chimes in, ‘crying and begging for forgiveness, the two monsters high-fived each other, laughed in Zulu, and drove away, blasting an Amakeyboard song.’ Obviously, he meant Amapiano. He was just still traumatised from the incident. The neighbours came together and gave the above descriptions for the perpetrators. If you recognise any of these mean faces, kindly please DM me. The good news is my female visitor is recuperating at home. Sadly, she refuses to take my calls out of fear of being attacked again. But it’s fine. We move. Thank you,” the post continued.


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Lerato responded with laughing emojis and wrote: “Chris what is this. Gosh, you’re insane. I’m literally peeing on myself. What do you want Chris, please just tell me, I’m begging you. Muntu.”

In another post, he wrote: “Ever think about calling your mean ex with a private number and dumping them again. Lerato Mvelase please answer your phone it’s urgent.”

Back in 2019, they two toyed with the idea of “happily waiting”.

According to Chris, this would mean they start dating while they are waiting for their partners.

Sthembile Makhathini posted: “Mara Chris cha uyazifela ngo Lerato.”

Phila Ngwenya commented: “Whatever @lerato_mvelase did to you, please forgive her.”

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