Ace Magashule: Some People Became Billionaires Without Doing Any Hard Work 1

Magashule was on Power FM 98.7 where he spoke on a number of issues, including his suspension, the betrayals and the upcoming ANC December elective conference. He said that the corruption people are talking about should be traced to some people who became billionaires without doing any hard work. Recall that Power FM 98.7 had earlier announced that, “Suspended ANC Secretary-general, Ace Magashule has arrived for “The Sit-down with Denzil Taylor” heart-to-heart and holds barred discussion with @DenzilTaylor on #POWERPerspective”. It was a no hold bar interview, as the suspended Secretary-general opened up on a number of issues surrounding the ANC.

He cautioned those going to the ANC December elective conference to insist on manual counting of votes, saying that laptops and electronics gadgets can be manipulated. He also apologized to the nation for the mistake the ANC made in putting Ramaphosa in office. Furthermore, he said, “To all who’ll be attending the ANC conference, demand manual counting like they did in Durban, cause laptops can be manipulated”. Furthermore, he noted that this present administration has practically achieved nothing, saying that they renovate schools and say these are new projects. Furthermore, he was quoted as saying, “They (Cyril Administration) just renovate schools and clinics and announce them as new, they don’t build anything and nobody says anything about that…” I apologize for the mess and mistake we did in 2012 (Cyril Ramaphosa)”. The suspended scribe said that Paul Mantashe is not supposed to argue about the age of Jacob Zuma. He said, “Look at Zuma and look at Mantashe, who’s old here”. The interview was a sort of wildfire because he touched a number of issues that many people did not know about. He emphasized that even Nelson Mandela had issues with some of Ramaphosa’s decisions, “Even Nelson Mandela had a problem with Cyril Ramaphosa’s decisions”. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11


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