A grade 12 learner was missing for nearly a month. This is where she was found

A grade 12 learner was missing for nearly a month. This is where she was found

A grade 12 learner was missing for nearly a month. This is where she was found 1

Grade 12 learners are writing their final exams and we wish them all the best of luck. Undoubtedly, some of them are up to no good. When they should be reading their books and revising they are doing things that are not related to their school work.

A month ago a grade 12 learner, Emmie Nyathi who is 19 years old went missing. Everybody who is close to her, including her best friend did not know where she was. She allegedly went missing on 30 October after leaving her home to attend extra classes for matriculants in Acornhoek.

Emmie is originally from Maromeng village and is one of the learners at Moholoholo secondary school. She was found days ago in Burgersfort with her alleged 27-year-old boyfriend.

Emmie is now safe and sound, but her alleged boyfriend was arrested and handed over to Thulamahashe police station.

Candidly, the boyfriend did nothing unlawful as Emmie is over the age of 18, unless someone coerced the 19-year-old learner to open a case against him. If she was under the age of 16 the boyfriend would be charged with statutory rape.

What happened to Emmie’s boyfriend proves that if you are dating a high school learner you’re putting your life at serious risk. Now a 27-year-old man is behind bars for being in an intimate relationship with someone who is still under parental care.

The learners that are in grade 12 this year should take their studies very seriously if they want to make it to university next year. There is no time to be wasted hanging around older boyfriends and girlfriends who are not studying because they will influence them negatively.

Life without education is tough nowadays. You can make it without education, but the chances are slim that is why it is very important for learners to study hard so they can pass with flying colours and eventually become what they have always wanted to become when they finish their studies.

Older people also need to stop dating school kids. They are delaying them. School kids will eventually prioritise their intimate relationships over their studies, not knowing that dating can cause more problems for them in the long run.

The truth is, some might end up dropping out of school and think they will forever be in a relationship with their current boyfriends/girlfriends. In a nutshell, high school learners are not mature enough to make rational or wiser decisions.

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