Social Media Coming Together to pay Back the Money Sibongile used, Here is how Much they got so Far

Social Media Coming Together to pay Back the Money Sibongile used, Heres is how Much they got so Far

Sibongile Mani has been found guilty by the court of law and she has been sentenced to spend 5 years in a state penitentiary prison, which is kind of a harsh sentence for someone that did not ask to be given the money, but was sent the money by mistake into her account, and did what any other person in South Africa would have done in her situation, she spent it.

The South African public is not having this and views it as unjust and unnecessary, due to the fact that there are a lot of corrupt politicians still walking around who have stolen more money than we can even imagine. There are also a lot of tenderpreneurs still living the high life with stolen money. People on social media are just not having this some are putting together lawyers that are interested in helping Sibongile in appealing her case and getting justice for her, and some are putting together the money she used to give it back to the system.

This is in a move to help reverse her conviction and get her out of prison. One famous Businessman that goes by the name Malcolm X is known to the people of South Africa to be a good Samaritan and a person that helps people that are in need, and are living in very impoverished conditions. He came out and pledged an amount of over R500 000 towards the R818 000 that was used by Sibongile.

He has asked other business people to help out in putting together the remaining R318 000 in order to complete the full amount. It is not clear if this move will work but it is worth a try and other social media users are furious with the verdict they are fighting for her in any way they could.


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