Cassper Nyovest comes through for a young woman in need of a lung transplant

Cassper Nyovest comes through for a young woman in need of a lung transplant

Cassper Nyovest comes through for a young woman in need of a lung transplant 1Father to Khutso, the cub to his jungle, Cassper Nyovest has done it again. 26-year-old Nompilo from Swaziland has been living with CF (CF), a genetic disease that causes severe damage to the lungs, gastrointestinal system and other organs within the body. Nompilo is at the top stage of CF (CF) and are said to be shutting down. She lived without medication that might treat CF for many of her life nd due to that, her lungs are “exhibiting traits of the prolonged and painful decline, as represented by a recent lung function test which showed her lungs can intake only 9% of oxygen”.

Nompilo sought help from South Africa (the nearest country to Swaziland) but the doctors informed her that they’re going to not be ready to perform the surgery since she isn’t a citizen of the country. A lung transplant in India is now her only hope at a far better life. A GoFundMe campaign was began to raise the funds for the lung transplant which costs almost 2 million rand but only $4,824 (R68230.17) has been raised of the $100,000 (R1414390.00) goal. The funds raised through the campaign will help Nompilo visit India and obtain the transplant surgery. Nompilo had lost all hope when Cassper came over and offered to be of assistance.

She said on Twitter: “Tomorrow my psychologist is preparing me for my next life since I’m at the top stage, so now I even have to measure my life knowing i’d die soon, since lung transplant us far-fetched for now, Doctors are just getting to try all they will to stay me in less pain and help me transition well” In another tweet, she said “Basically I’m being told I’m close to die. I’m being told i want to organize myself, yaze yabamnandzi imphilo yami yuuuuuuu but I don’t wish it for anyone else, imane igcine ngami nje please” Please do keep me in prayers as I pray for myself too, I’m struggling to fight the urge of taking all my pills and just ending it, yesterday was my first attempt and zip happened, I’ve been fighting it since morning, I’m trying my best and that i don’t want to disappoint myself” Cassper said, “Hi Nkhosi.

Your strength is encouraging. i’m trying to urge more info about how we will help together with your current condition. I see there’s a GoFundMe to boost 2M rand. Is that a doctor’s bill or a guarantee of a replacement set of lungs. We wanna help raise awareness and therefore the funds also. How can we help exactly” This has touched Nompilo and she or he seems to be very appreciative of the act of kindness that Mufasa is offering her.

Nompilo has been a ray of sunlight to everyone on her social media and has kept the positive energy. As she topped the trends list in Swaziland under hashtag #SaveNompilo, people have shown her nothing but love and are pleading for assistance for anyone who could also be ready to. This is what that they had to say: