Khaya Mthethwa Reflects On Life After Divorce

Khaya Mthethwa Reflects On Life After Divorce

Khaya Mthethwa Reflects On Life After Divorce 1On social media, peeps are seen celebrating their divorce the precise same way they celebrated their marriage. For them, divorcing is sort of a breath of fresh air and that they continue with life as normal. For Khaya Mthethwa though, he had to face, many obstacle including criticism from people because he divorced his now ex-wife Ntando Kunene. Ntando-Khaya-Mthethwa Speaking to Khutso Theledi on her YFM ‘The Lady On Drive Show’, he spoke about how society turned it’s back on him and made him feel unworthy because his marriage to Ntando lasted for 2 years. This was only one of the various hardships he faced in his life, but they helped him because he can now affect obstacles thrown at him. Ntando-and-Khaya-Mthethwa1 Following his divorce with former Miss South Africa Ntando Kunene, he said society really made him feel a particular way which cause him feeling depressed and alone.

Khaya Mthethwa Reflects On Life After Divorce 2This also had an enormous impact on why he remained inactive last year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. These obstacles, which include alcoholic abuse as a Christian, allow him to now lead a generation as he’s better equipped. “I am 33, divorced, been through alcohol, been through just trying to numb the pain. I even have struggled because how are you getting to be ready to speak to your generation if you’ve got never been through what they’re browsing,” he said. The Gospel icon and presenter is now doing what he’s doing and being a far better man for his son and therefore the young generation he leads. Ntando announced their divorce last year after just a year of marriage. She and their son Oyinkosi Mthethwa removed of their marital range in Durban and went back to Ntando’s range in Mpumalanga.”….In the previous couple of days my husband and that i have had an thorough discussions about our marriage and our young family challenges. On Sunday we met my in laws and informed them of our mutual decision for us to amicably file for divorce. ”

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