Actress Phindile Gwala is in Serious Trouble

Actress Phindile Gwala is in Serious Trouble


Phindile Gwala is in predicament as a girl has named and shamed her for attacking her and damaging her phone last night at Cubana night club. It seems the actress wanted to stay a coffee profile and didn’t want anyone taking pictures or videos of her. a woman who was also at Cubana says she was standing out side the club close to head home and was busy taking videos of herself while expecting her ride, Phindi assumed the girl was actually taking videos of her. Phindile Gwala Phindi allegedly shouted to her friend “there is another one”, they descended upon the girl, took her phone, deleted the videos and scratched the girl’s face. In other news, her marriage to husband Armando Ngandu is flourishing because the two are celebrating two years of marital bliss! The actress and her husband are going strong for 2 years now.

“Happy Anniversary @phindilegwala_official. We are unbelievably doing this thing at our own pace with God’s help. many thanks for being patient with me, supportive in every way and truly honest! you’re one among a sort. to several MORE,” wrote Ngandu. Phindile Gwala “Two years ago on today I married my ally and therefore the love of my life. You complete me in every way and that i love you such a lot. Happy 2nd anniversary my love,” wished Phindile. The Muvhango actress also celebrated her birthday each day ago, “Happy birthday to me… Dear God, I’m grateful for everything,” she wrote. Her hubby gushed over her also, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE. you’re my life angel and words can’t describe what an exquisite person you are! STAY YOU & BLESSED.” Revealing how they met, Phindile and Armando narrated their bubbly romance on Kelly Khumalo’s television program titled –

‘Love & Matrimony’ on GauTV, revealing that they met one another at a parking zone. The very crazy Phindile opened about how her husband proposed to her in an interview with Drum Magazine. She said that her man took her to a flowery restaurant which she had no concept he was getting to propose, “he told me he’d bought me something so i assumed it had been just a watch or earrings, when he went on his knee and put the ring on the incorrect hand ahead of a whole restaurant I broke down in tears,” she explained. It was however not all rosy when she splashed her relationship everywhere social media.

Phindile Gwala said that she was criticised when she started posting pictures of her husband on social media. The actress said that she cursed with her husband regardless of what people said. Phindile Gwala and Armando Ngandu “I was criticized once I started posting my man a couple of years back. Isn’t now a trend to post your partner? Don’t be scared of showing off your blessings, people post their cars and lose them, post their new houses and obtain repossessed, posting about their new jobs and obtain retrenched. So nothing is guaranteed, nothing lives forever. Just do what feels right at that moment.

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