Trouble in paradise: Somizi breaks his silence 

Trouble in paradise: Somizi breaks his silence

Flamboyant SA media personality Somizi Mhlongo, has broken his silence following being accused of remaining mum about the challenges he’s currently experiencing in life. The Idols SA judge has been the talk about the town following rumours that trouble in paradise between him and his partner Mohale Motaung. Neither of them has come to the fore to line the record straight on the rumour that Mohale has apparently served him with divorce papers which he has removed of their marital range in Dainfern. Instead, they keep it up flourishing in life and mize the rumours whilst keeping their relationship problems private. during a lengthy video, he shared on his Instagram Somizi issued a moving message addressing those that celebrate his downfalls. Somgaga said he will keep it up smiling against all odds and he will never give naysayers the satisfaction to understand that he’s gowishing. “A lot of individuals are browsing the foremost, and that we handle things differently like me I keep it up smiling even through the hearth, turbulence, turmoil because I promised myself that i will be able to never give the devil the satisfaction, Should I die today i will be able to never die with a broken heart, me smiling doesn’t mean i’m in denial of whatever that i’m browsing the time, It means the smile is more important than the pain I even have given to whatever that i’m going through” He said he decided to issue the powerful message because an in depth friend of his has been browsing problems and said those that rejoice over people’s downfalls they’re evil. “Part of witchcraft is once you rejoice over and on somebody else’s downfall, that’s evil, it’s demonic whether the person is sick, or they need HIV or their marriage is crumbling or they lost employment or house etc, and you discover joy therein you’re evil and you and satan wear an equivalent tags thereto VIP of hell” Somizi recently unfollowed Mohale on Instagram and he opened to Anele Mdoda about how they’re browsing normal one-year relationship problems with Mohale. What he said next touched the hearts of the many. He stated that albeit his marriage failed, he would have succeeded in not staying in an unhappy place. “My relationship is strictly like all other relationship. It’s got its ups and downs and at the instant, we face that one-year challenge of the wedding,” said Somgaga. Somizi has been spending longer together with his ally Vusi Nova and that they keep it up serving major friendship goals. In an interview with Jon Savage on his What’s Your Poison? podcast, Vusi denied that he’s during a secret relationship with Somizi. “I have known Somizi for 16 years. I met him before I even got into the music industry. He’s so real and supportive. Somizi is one among those genuine folks that believes that if you’ve got a dream, regardless of how big, you’ll work towards it and achieve it,” he explained.


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