Serious allegations against award-winning Influencer Zuki Lamani

Serious allegations against award-winning Influencer Zuki Lamani

 Serious allegations against award-winning Influencer Zuki Lamani still surface on Twitter. The influencer took the highest spot of trending topics yesterday as tweeps started putting her on blast for quite number of things including being a “fake activist”. Twitter went into a frenzy yesterday when tweeps started calling out the influencer for allegedly dating gender-based violence (GBV) alleged perpetrator.

Zuki whose also popularly known for being at the forefront of the fight against GBV is allegedly dating Linda Ntuli, a person who was accused of killing his girlfriend Aviwe Jam Jam and dumping her body in Athlone. While many were surprised why Zuki is trending at no 1 yesterday, a Twitter user @OnaoMax created an entire threat about the influencer which read: “Zuki Lamani may be a very evil woman.

i would like more people to return forward and expose her to how cunning and disgusting she is. Usezoyixela nale ka Aviwe who was killed by her abusive boyfriend ekwalilo negintsa and the way she has no choice but to believe him due to unemali kaloku.

“She literally continued to hold round the same men who killed Aviwe including her boyfriend but was always at the forefront of most protests against GBV. Ingcolile la njakazi yomntana. Esa sphongo sakhe sigcwele kukunya nobumdaka and that they will catch up together with her at some point.” The Twitter user added that: “Her expertise is identifying people that attempt to call her out on social media for a way cunning she is and report them to ela gintsa lakhe in order that they can threaten and silence them. i might never be surprised if another person dies due to her boyfriend cause she is typically involved.

” It looks like drama always follows Zuki, back in 2018, she caused a stir on social media when she posted an image of herself with Springboks captain Siya Kolisi on her Instagram story captioning it “The Kolisi glow” just a couple of months after Siya’s wife Rachel asked tweeps to respect her marriage after a tweep called him a “Type” to which Rachel then responded: “He’s not a kind. He’s a husband liable for 4 children…just a side note. I’ve been there for all the bad times. Honestly, this could go without saying. Respect my relationship and woman to woman. Respect me.” Earlier in the week, Zuki again found herself catching stray bullets from people that were mocking her week. “Someone just bashed my favorite wig on IG. I’m so sad coz it’s so nice and my easiest wig to get,” she tweeted. Zuki has not yet skilled the allegations. -ZAlebs

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