On Isibaya: It ends in tears of joy 

On Isibaya: It ends in tears of joy

The people of Bhubesini bid us farewell for good last week. After the turmoil between the Zungus and Ndlovus, things ended on a good note following years of fighting.

Finally, the valley had no more bloodshed, and peace prevailed.

Sbusiso and Siza are finally a family, Jabu and Iris are together but Sihle was blown up after she delivered a cake to the Ndlovus packed with a bomb.


Skhaleni bought his wife Pam a house, and all things worked out for the best.

Isibaya was an iconic, incredible production that created a beautiful world and introduced us to new actors.

In The River, Lindiwe’s life has been turned upside down. Her husband Zweli gets to know who she truly is. The top cop is drowning his sorrows in booze and it affects his work.

Meanwhile, Cobra steals the money that he, Mabutho, and Khabzela got through an ATM robbery.

Cobra is such a bad guy for taking the money, spending it all, and having good times with his friends while Mabutho and Khabzela are searching for him.

He also lied about going back home to his uncle, but Rakgadi Kedibone and Morena figure out that it’s a lie.

Thuso still has a long way to go. He just never learns and clearly wants no peace in his life.

-daily sun

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