Being a home wrecker! Muvhango actress Mchunu attacked at the mall 

Being a home wrecker! Muvhango actress Mchunu attacked at the mall

This is too real, especially after the events of last week. Muvhango actress who plays the role of Imani has released a statement after she was physically attacked by an angry fan.

If you do watch the soapie then you’d know that Imani broke James Motsamai’s engagement to Marang due to infidelity. And unfortunately, this isn’t the first time we see her breaking a couple’s happy home.

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First, she broke up her cousin’s (Thandaza) marriage. Then she got into another relationship with Seretse who was her other cousin’s (Gugu) love-interest. Seretse had his eyes on Gugu but Gugu was playing hard to get.

Imani saw an opportunity and started seeing him behind Gugu’s back and got into a relationship with him. Seretse then started dating both cousins which resulted in Gugu and Imani’s relationship going sour.

With such a role, the die-hard fans of Muvhango have labelled her a homewrecker not knowing that her role might affect her in real life. So last week Zonke went on a shopping trip which turned into a nightmare as a fan physically assaulted her.

Narrating the story to Sunday World the actress said: “At first I thought she wanted to take a picture but was too shy to ask. I still don’t understand how she spotted me because I was wearing a mask.”

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She said it was only when she was approaching her car that she realised something was amiss. “I just thought it was weird that I kept on bumping into the same lady, but I continued minding my business.”

But to her surprise, the lady wasn’t there to play as she pushed her from behind and asked how she walks the streets knowing that she is a homewrecker. “At first, I laughed because I thought it was someone who liked the show, was referring to my character. Little did I know she meant business,” said Zonke.

She said the woman, who had long and sharp nails, did not waste time as she tried to punch her while she was reaching for her face, snatching off the doek she was wearing. “I was still shaking. I just froze, it is only when she nearly poked my eye, that I realised this lady means business. I was lucky when a gentleman approached and asked what was going on.”

Zonke went on to say that she loves and respects her supporters but acting is her job and not who she is. “I know people get attached to certain characters, but this incident left me doubting the career path I chose.”

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