Somizi and Vusi Nova’s video impressive racked up463 000 views

Somizi and Vusi Nova’s video impressive racked up463 000 views

Somizi uploaded a video to Instagram which racked up a powerful 463 000 views during which he features a wardrobe malfunction which he quickly corrects while flashing a devilish smile and never missing a beat. While this was happening Vusi Nova was giving it plenty wearing what seemed like a leather ensemble before being joined by an outsized man wearing stripes who had some impressive dance moves. Fans commented on what they loved about the video with some people saying that that they had never been so confused altogether their lives. Here are a number of the reactions to his video from his fans: nhlanhlaluck_q: “Was it a hot or cold day? keep dancing guys .” du.du2032: “The guy with stripes T-shirt.” its.buhlee.e: “The vibes, the vibes❤️.” lehlohonolomonatisa: “Somizi for president lona. Noticed that zip isn’t closed. Zips up and life continues. Is there anything mote humane??? Ai suka morning made .” Interestingly, so packed was Somizi’s pants that the zip of his ‘bum short’ couldn’t zipper and fans are left to fascinate the maximum amount as their fantasies and imaginations can go. Meanwhile, there has been tons of noise surrounding Somizi Mhlongo and his husband Mohale Motaung. the 2 have bee spotted in various social media posts, sometimes without their wedding rings on. Somizi posted a recent pic to Instagram where he’s posing together with his close friend Vusi Nova, on Somizi’s right a hoop is clearly visible.


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His fans have noticed that Vusi Nova is additionally wearing an identical ring on his left resulting in wild speculation. Few weeks ago, Mohale served Somizi divorce papers and ever since then, there has not been any news about the 2. Well, seems like Somizi isn’t bothered about his alleged failed marriage as he goes on another vacation together with his bestfriend. Somizi and Vusi are the talk about the Twitter streets for being “unusually” close over the previous couple of months, leaving Twitter puzzled about his relationship together with his husband, Mohale. Around Christmas time, Tweeps went into over-drive, asking why Vusi bought Somizi a cake, when Mohale already got him one. Tweeps went as far as comparing both the cakes to ascertain which is best. Vusi Nova had to return bent set what he claimed was the record straight on their relationship before claiming that he’s not gay. Ever since rumours of ‘trouble in paradise’ between Somizi and his husband Mohale began to swirl, fans became “suspicious” of the close relationship Vusi and Somgaga share. In the latest episode of What’s Your Poison?, a podcast hosted by seasoned broadcaster Jon Savage, Vusi got candid about his life, his struggle with drugs and his relationship with SomG. “I have known Somizi for 16 years. I met him before I even got into the music industry. He’s so real and supportive,” Vusi explained. “People out there are saying that we are dating but we’re not dating. we’ve mutual respect for every other and that we trust one another tons … With us, it’s realness all the way. It’s been 16 years now and we’re still going strong.” – briefly

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