Great: Uzalo actor Cebolenkosi Mthembu aka Nyawo gets his Voice back

Great: Uzalo actor Cebolenkosi Mthembu aka Nyawo gets his Voice back

Uzalo actor, Cebolenkosi Mthembu who plays the role of Nyawo who lost his voice last month has now regained it. he’s back on Uzalo and on the radio. i used to be beginning to think that perhaps my ancestors are angry or they need turned their backs on me. But now it’s clear that it had been just the medical condition,” he said. “I have started shooting. Although my voice isn’t fully recovered, it’s better than before. I’m also going back to radio on Saturday,” Cebolenkosi Mthembu aka Nyawo The character who wont to be captain Nyawo and has now been demoted to detective Nyawo due to his incompetency has become a fan-favourite and a household name due to his humour. He apparently also works for a community radio station; Vibe FM and hasn’t been ready to work on the radio since his voice is gone. The multitalented actor and radio personality also studied EE. He was rumoured to be working for the country’s power utility Eskom, where he’s a technician inspector. it’s unclear at the time of publishing this text if he’s still working there or has resigned. Cebolenkosi Mthembu aka Nyawo Mthembu has revealed in an interview with Daily Sun that he lost his voice at the start of February and this has affected both his acting and radio career. I was diagnosed with Covid-19 at the start of this year. My father was too. He died on 3 January. After my self-isolation, i used to be cleared of Covid, so I went back to figure. But my voice just disappeared this month. I went back to consult a doctor, but he gave me something for Covid.

I even have tried drinking honey, vitamin C supplements, but nothing is functioning. At the community radio presenters like myself hope big radio stations would hire them for his or her new changes. But honestly, which radio stations could hire someone who is voiceless. I’m scared; I don’t know what to try to to now. My voice is my everything. Now I even have lost it I desire I’m losing everything. ZAlebs previously reported that Mthembu revealed in another interview with Daily Sun that the actor was left heartbroken as he couldn’t attend his father’s funeral nor plan it as his firstborn.

Cebolenkosi Mthembu aka Nyawo “Covid-19 has brought me a double heartache. While fighting it, I’m also hurting that I couldn’t bid farewell to my father or maybe arrange his funeral arrangement as his firstborn. I didn’t have a choice but to guard everyone.

this is often the time to be safe and protect one another. It hurts that our parents are leaving due to this pandemic.” Mthembu has revealed that his voice is additionally affecting his season 7 scenes which can start airing on the 8th of March, season 6 of Uzalo ends next Friday, the 5th of March.

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