Stoko girl under attack again

Stoko girl under attack again

Arianna, real name Tshegofatso Maepa, is a 20-year-old woman who comes from KwaMhlanga village.

Arianna is the third born in her family and is reported to have said that she loves music and dancing.

Stoko girl became famous after a video of herself and her friends dancing at the petrol station went viral on social media. Though people were concern about Stoko’s future because during the time she became famous, she was only 19 and doing grade-11. She surprised a lot of people when she shared that she passed her matric and she’s going to university.

Stoko has been facing a lot of criticism on social media and it seems like the hate and the bullying are not going to stop anytime soon. No matter what she does people just seem to not agree with her on anything.

She recently posted a picture of a lady with the Caption: “Can someone explain to me what is this person trying to prove.”

Instead of helping her out because it seems like people know what happened between the two of them, people started attacking Stoko girl.

Here are some of the comments:

@Suchislife12345 said: She is trying to prove that next thing you know, your career is over ntwana over some characters.

@Thami_tzz: I wonder why people hate you sometimes Yazi. You don’t troll anyone on this app as far as I know. But when I go through the comments they are hating on you.

@pkimmy901: Gore you not the goat that you think you are. Enwa Nido baby-girl… Ofole matswalo.

O registered for which course. Or ona le gig-inyanga coming up?

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