Shauwn Mkhize reveals her will before she dies

Shauwn Mkhize reveals her will before she dies

Reality television star and businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize has said she plans on delivering the reins of her businesses to her son Andile Mpisane. The star shared a heartfelt video expressing her intention to make sure she prepares her 19-year-old son to require over from her on all fronts of her businesses when she retires or dies. Taking to Instagram, Shauwn posted a visit she and Andile took to a construction site with other members of her team. The “Kwa MaMkhize” star expressed her joy in teaching Andile the ropes. “Looking at the progress, i’m in uMlazi, it sometimes make me fulfilled. “Taking my son with me, i feel it’ll be a tremendous journey because in time i will be able to be throwing the mic during this housing industry and it’ll be an honour on behalf of me to require my legacy and send it to my son. “Considering where I come from. “I never thought that at some point i will be able to be walking on site with my son, teaching him the ropes. “Anyway he was the inspiration that made me to start out construction within the first place, so i’m thinking I should teach him. “So that at some point once I am gone he’s ready to take the legacy,” she said. The seven-minute video was also amid a caption during which she spoke about death being inevitable.


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“Transferring the talents and legacy to my prince @andilempisane01 you’ve been there to witness my highs and my lows. “You know that this journey has not been easy but we’ve made it this far. “The pride and joy of any parent is their child, on behalf of me it’s YOU. “I am so pleased with the young man I see you becoming. Being blessed you motivated me to figure even harder. “Today I reminisce at what I’ve achieved over the past 2 decades and that i don’t think it would’ve been possible without you as my drive. “Being ready to mentor and guide you is one among my greatest pleasures”, she wrote.

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