Fans react to season 7 of Uzalo season will be airing

Fans react to season 7 of Uzalo season will be airing

Fans are excited about the news of South Africa’s most watched soapie Uzalo, that season are going to be airing. we’ve been loyal viewers of Uzalo albeit the author disappointed us every now then with the storyline. Nonka has had an equivalent hairstyle that lasted quite her marriage


she had the hairstyle on her day of which the wedding has even ended. We understand she is supposedly from a poor family but she works at a salon so having a replacement hairstyle shouldn’t be a struggle. On yesterday’s episode there new character alert Shauwn Mamkhize who we don’t recall her studying arts or is it because money talks? She took the role out of greed because she should let the qualified people and needy take the opportunityKhabonina, Khaya Dladla, TK Dlamini and Nay Maps will now be joining season 7 but people convinced its not existing characters but the storyline.

“There is not any creativity in the least, the soapie had lost its credibility”. People seem to be excited about the new roles but I hope now there’ll be lessons on the soapie. It should promote education and switch a church into a sacred place unlike what they portray on Uzalo that an individual hides their evil deeds behind a Bible

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