Robert Marawa celebrates his birthday today

Robert Marawa celebrates his birthday today

Late gospel star Sfiso’s wife Ayanda Ncwane and his baby mama Nonku Williams‘ relationship is becoming less tense as Ayanda opts in to call her in order that Nonku doesn’t desire their communication is one-sided.

As nice as she is, Ayanda asks about the launch and further apologizes once more for not being available at the launch. Ayanda says she wasn’t feeling good and was drained emotionally so she didn’t go because she feels it might not are good for Nonku and therefore the environment also because it had been an area of celebration. Nonku Williams However, Nonku steps ablaze when she offers Ayanda her wine:

“I can’t await you to check my wine, i do know you’d like it“, says Nonku. The believer in Ayanda’s simply smiled and said I cannot wait to ascertain. In the commentary, Ayanda said: “I don’t drink Nonku, I don’t drink Lala“.

Maybe that’s the rationale why she never visited the launch because she doesn’t consume alcohol in the least. So it’ll be odd for her to travel to wine launch while she holds a glass of juice or water an entire time.

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