Monalisa reveals After calling me fat, they said I can never get married

Monalisa reveals After calling me fat, they said I can never get married

 Anyone involved in body-shaming should be considered an archaic who still live thousands of years behind others. Ignorance seems to be a disease, which has made tons of individuals talk down on others while failing to understand that each human creature are unique in their own ways.

However, it’s quite great that victims of bullies have started shaking off the negative talks by people while doing the simplest they might to maneuver to a high echelon. This was almost like Monalisa Stephen (a Model, dressmaker and an area filmmaker) who recently narrated a touching story about what she skilled within the the hands of body-shamers. consistent with her, “I do not know while people are always in my business,

calling me all kinds of name including fat and saying no man will ever marry me because I’m too fat to waste a lobola on.

However, your submission about me won’t stop me from going to the very highest level in life which I always dream for. From now on i will be able to stop fighting provokers while consider my ambition to assist humanity the maximum amount I can” she concluded. What’s your combat this? Feel free to share your views on the comment box.

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