RIP! Bohang As Tibi Prepared to Kill Him

 RIP! Bohang As Tibi Prepared to Kill Him

 RIP! Bohang As Tibi Prepared to Kill Him 1

Its Didi, Amo, Laila, Boniswa, Bohang, Lerumo Yeyyyyy the list goes on!!! @etvScandal is on fire…tension is sky high…drama everywhere. Its gonna be a interesting week ahead and I’m totally here for it. RIP! Bohang As Tibi Prepared to Kill Him 2

This guy is killing this Bohang role, annoying and disgusting and that is how he is supposed to portray that role while highlighting corrupt cops and that should be our attitude towards perpetrators and abusers, they are morons. #etvScandal is doing wonders, very educational

 RIP! Bohang As Tibi Prepared to Kill Him 3

We all hate Bohang right…But Scandal is surely raising awareness against gender based violence

Scandal really knows how to get our emotions involved, the way I’m annoyed by Bohang, the actor is really owning his role, one thing I love about this show, they always get the casting right. I would have loved to see Tebello shooting him in the knees for the abuse he’d caused to him and his mom Seipati

He is a brilliant actor, he killed the part of Mondi on the a locally produced feature film Kalushi. He is one of my favorite Actor in the country. I know… we’re used to him doing comedy type roles and look how believable his character is as a serious villian

 RIP! Bohang As Tibi Prepared to Kill Him 4

Like they wanted an annoying character and he’s doing exactly that. Lerumo will be the captain once this clawn is show the door or cell. Now we wondering who will kill Bohang between Lerumo and Tibi.Tibi will be the one to kill Bohang. I dont where he’ll get guy but Tibi is ready to kill Bonang.