Video! Manaka Ranaka Dishing Different Ways To Prevent Pregnancies She’s not planning to have another one

Video! Manaka Ranaka Dishing Different Ways To Prevent Pregnancies She’s not planning to have another one

41 year recent Generations histrion, mother of 3 and grannie, Manaka Ranaka WHO is best notable for her role of Lucy Diale recently took to her Instagram to share tips about preventing physiological condition.
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Manaka WHO is as humourous as her character on Generations suggested her followers on many strategies of contraceptive strategies that ladies sometimes use to forestall unwanted and unplanned pregnancies.

The histrion initial fell pregnant at 20years and additionally appalled Mzansi once she fell pregnant at identical time as her teenaged female offspring last year along with her recent kid at forty one years,

She’s currently a grannie at forty one years and additionally stunned fans once she unconcealed last year on her Instagram that she was suggested to abort her initial kid and got discharged once she refused to do:

“Happy Birthday mama. The one WHO created American state a mother . The one WHO created American state a Gmom (grandmother) . You @kay.stone_core square measure such a blessing in my life. we have a tendency to were thus meant to be. twenty years of doing this life factor along, and I’ve ne’er looked back since. I keep in mind once ladies I worked for told American state to abort you and that i was like la hlanya (y’all square measure crazy), they discharged me!

“Honestly I didn’t care, coz i used to be thus determined to stay you and enter succeeding chapter in my life which was being a mummy ( Lauren Hill’s song Zion unbroken American state going once I felt that the globe was against us). i used to be prepared man, as young as they same i used to be, i used to be prepared for you, and its been quiet a journey baby. A journey i’d repeat any day. Have a blessed day ngwanaka (my child). You’ll perpetually be my baby. You’ve perpetually been my Joy. My ZION. “
In the video, the histrion additionally unconcealed that she’s gone back to figure, and can be trying to find varied ways in which to forestall as she doesn’t need another unplanned physiological condition.
In the video clip, the Generations histrion touched on varied contraceptives strategies that consists of each western and African remedies. She unconcealed pills, un-named ‘umuthi’ and ‘iphepho’, that she counseled jokingly.
The histrion was additionally trending antecedently once it absolutely was unconcealed that her current baby-daddy WHO she already shares another kid with was married to her friend.
Manaka are reprising her role on Generations The heritage that airs on SABC1 at 20:00, Monday to weekday.


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