Seputla Sebogodi’s girlfriend hits back at trolls over age gap between them

Seputla Sebogodi’s girlfriend hits back at trolls over age gap between them

Veteran actor Seputla Sebogodi’s girlfriend Mogau Sebeka has begin guns blazing against criticism of the age gap in her relationship with the well-known star.

This is once she took to Twitter and shared snaps of herself wanting head over heels in love with the actor on St Valentine’s Day.

In the snaps taken throughout their weekend getaway, Seputla will be seen taking place on one knee and asking the massive question, whereas a beaming Mogau couldn’t facilitate however say yes!

“You realized this surprise my love. Thank you. God bless you profusely and provides you a lot of life,” she captioned her celebration post.

Mogau turns twenty eight this year whereas Seputla turns fifty nine, but it’s just like the couple couldn’t be happier.

Although some social media users found the images rather cute, others noticed however young Seputla’s girlfriend was compared to him.

This resulted in several angling the couple for not being “compatible” with each other attributable to the age gap.

Believing that age ain’t nothing however variety, Mogau place the naysayers in their place speech communication she was a lady crazy, and no-one was planning to tell her otherwise.

In 2017 the veteran actor was set to wed his bride-to-be, Makoena Kganakga. The try were plainly head-over-heels crazy with one another and could not wait to require their romance to the altar.

Seputla, World Health Organization was planning to be fastening the knot for the fourth time, popped the question to Makoena.

They, however, bust up thanks to cheating rumours.

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