Isibaya actress Zinhle Mabena is facing possible jail time

Isibaya actress Zinhle Mabena is facing possible jail time

Zinhle Ngwenya has been having the year from hell. simply last month she was fixed in a very automobile accident scandal that left a person unfit, her husband disclosed that he was divorcing and currently she is facing doable jail time.

According to town Press, she was in remission last night for alleged conspiracy to commit murder. She is scheduled to look before Pretoria Magistrates’ Court nowadays.

Zinhle Mabena Ngwenya

More on the divorce: She is obtaining a divorce from husband Mugabe Ngwenya. She has even gone as way as shift back to her last name Mabena on social media and deleted all their photos along. He has conjointly done identical.

Mrs Zinhle Ngwenya

But the largest football player is that the great Dr Ngwenya is ready to unharness a tell all book on his experiences in their transient wedding. He disclosed this on his Instagram page by captioning an image on himself with this message. The book are going to be titled: “5 YEARS IN wedding a chronicle of affection, wedding AND DIVORCE) by Dr parliamentarian Ngwenya . It’s a journey ranging from excited butterfly feelings within the abdomen and slowly progressing into ugly fights and inevitable separation. It’s a private analysis of wedding based mostly expertise and lessons that life has thus fastidiously and slowly schooled.

Zinhle Ngwenya

It is unclear if the book will reveal why they got single. in line with the rumour mill, Mugabe thinks Zinhle is evil and he or she is allegedly keeping him from seeing their female offspring.

The two got married in 2017 once some months of qualitative analysis and whereas Zinhle remains sporting her ring, Ngwenya was taken his off.

Mrs Zinhle Ngwenya

in alternative news, in line with town Press, in 2017 the actor was purportedly concerned in a veryn accident that resulted in a 33-year-old man obtaining unfit. Apparently Zinhle a red Toyota scroll as she was rushing, that she same was as a result of she thought somebody was chasing her.

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