The River’!  fans celebrate and mourn the death of Tumi Mokoena

The River’!  fans celebrate and mourn the death of Tumi Mokoena


Larona Moagi, World Health Organization contend Tumi Mokoena, has died within the fashionable soapie ‘The River’ on 1Magic.
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After being a vicinity of 3 entertaining seasons of The watercourse, newcomer histrion Larona Moagi’s time as Tumi Mokoena has come back to associate finish, sparking completely different reactions from viewers of the popular telenovela.

Larona is one in every of the faces World Health Organization pictured Tshedza Pictures’ decide to #OpenUpTheIndustry, and viewers have watched her grow with the character whose journey began at the terribly starting of the story.

The histrion contend Tumi, a personality each despised and favourite by fans of the telenovela. From her initial tomboyish perspective as a automotive mechanic to nearly being dead by a girl she would later discover is her birth mother, Tumi went through plenty of ups and downs within the story as she brought Tumi to life.

It cannot be left unuttered that a lot of fans believed the role was too huge for the novice. but others appreciated and enjoyed looking at her grow with the role. for taking part in Tumi, Larona has suffered plenty of cyberbullying on social media, however she was took to Twitter to convey the fan base.

“It’s a wrap! RIP Itumeleng Mokoena/Dhlomo/Dlamini etc etc. thanks to @TshedzaPictures for granting Pine Tree State this chance. thanks to everybody World Health Organization walked this journey with Pine Tree State. God bless see you on the flip aspect,” she aforementioned on her Twitter.

Fans of the telenovela were super excited regarding the epic disagreement that happened and even happier that it wasn’t Lindiwe World Health Organization died, as they at the start feared. They praised the forged and crew for employment well done.

There ar viewers World Health Organization believe Tumi isn’t dead which she could eventually come to the telenovela.

Fans have praised the writers for keeping the suspense alive.

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