Uzalo cast members said they are worried they might not be paid this month

Uzalo cast members said they are worried they might not be paid this month

Uzalo cast individuals said they are concerned they probably won’t be paid for the current month. They told the distribution they’re holding their breath and intersection their fingers.

This vulnerability comes after they were supposedly not paid their pay rates a month ago, which prompted them relinquishing shootings.

One entertainer said they feel disregarded and neglected by the SABC and the show.

He said they have been working enthusiastically to make Uzalo the most-watched show in Mzansi.

“We deserted shooting a month ago until they paid us our pay rates. In any case, we can’t conceal the way that we’re concerned that we will not have the option to cover our bills on schedule.

“We don’t have the foggiest idea what is sitting tight for us this month. We’re terrified,” said the entertainer.

Another cast part said that until further notice they are depending on Uzalo pay rates since there were no gigs as a result of lockdown.

“We reserve each option to be stressed. We have just Uzalo as our kind of revenue right now. The reality they neglected to pay us on time a month ago, which incited a strike, implies that we are not regarded and paid attention to,” said the stressed entertainer.

Uzalo representative Nomfundo Zondi said that cast shouldn’t stress since what happened a month ago was brought about by specialized issues.

“We don’t know that entertainers are concerned. Be that as it may, they shouldn’t stress since everything is arranged,” said Nomfundo.

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