Khanyi Mbau’s new man is not giving trolls the time of his day and has cleared the air on the allegations laid against him

 Khanyi Mbau’s new man is not giving trolls the time of his day and has cleared the air on the allegations laid against him

Mzansi entertainer and money manager Khanyi Mbau’s new man isn’t giving savages the hour of his day and has dispelled any confusion air on the claims laid against him. Pretty agitated for individuals hauling his better half into the wreck, Kudzai validates all premonitions through his reaction.

“Individuals from Zimbabwe won’t ever frustrate. How might they consider a man that has never been captured or avoided a preliminary an outlaw? Will they initially demonstrate my capture? Not from a moronic paper article that somebody chose to compose all since I am a news worth. Indeed, I got rich youthful, let them demonstrate reality first. At that point they can specify my name and drag my sweetheart in this.”

It is true, Khanyi is dating Kudzai Mushonga. Monied as he is, the entertainer has certainly demonstrated that cash cherishes her. Continue to draw in that paper young lady. Kudzai Mushonga proceeds to offer notice to individuals hauling his name through the mud on his Instagram story.

“@iHarare and some other websites or papers expounding on me. Kindly don’t distribute stories that twist my character and stain my standing. I have watched this occur over years and said nothing regarding it. Well here are the realities you need to know before you distribute uneven stories, unsubstantiated claims, manufactured stories, stories made up in web-based media kangaroo courts. Likewise note on the off chance that you can demonstrate this past sensible uncertainty today I will give R50 000 to any altruistic association based on your personal preference.”

I was never or have never been captured for those claims

Kindly illuminate me which court date I jumped to name me a criminal.

If it’s not too much trouble, show us the measure of bail I paid and to which court to be delivered 6yrs prior. Additionally note that the Herald article came out 1.5 years after this happened on the grounds that I had got into a battle with somebody practicing their force on me..

Every one of these claims happened when I had since quite a while ago left Zim.

Which court agenda shows I duped anybody cash? You should distribute it.

Because I was a chief at DreamAir and I was driving Ferraris, Rolls Royce at 22 years made me news worth to you and till this day you think my realm was based on the supposed 166k? What is 166k to me at the present time?”

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