Gomora actress Siphesihle Ndaba (Mazet) drive herself

Gomora actress Siphesihle Ndaba (Mazet) drive herself

Gomora actress Siphesihle Ndaba (Mazet) drive herself 1

Grant winning entertainer, Siphesihle Ndaba who assumes the part of Mazet on Mzansi Magic’s Gomora as of late shared her abnormal, LOL Uber experience on Twitter which laughed a great deal of her fans.

The previous Rhodes University and Oprah Winfrey graduate says she was in Durban when she took a Uber and the driver requested that she drive herself as he was excessively drained. The entertainer was answering to a since-erased tweet from a tweep who was sharing their Uber experience also when Ndaba answered:

“@ceceNdaba, This happened to me in Durban. Uber driver said he is worn out and inquired as to whether I can drive. I energetically said yes. Did the person not draw over and bounce in the rearward sitting arrangement? I wound up driving myself to Chefs table.”

Here are the silly responses from Ndaba’s tweet:

“For what reason didn’t you show him a thing or two and drive him to sontos workshop?

“You drove yourself and still paid?”

“I did. I was too stunned to even consider contemplating cash.”

“Eish folks, driving can be tiring nyhani, the driver cudv rested yet in tht business, when u need to rest, ts busier, so actually in some cases, you’d wind up asking such from customers, atlst he didn’t drive u while tyad, he asked u to, who can say for sure what cudv occurred?”

“I would have requested a tip and thank you when I got to my objective. Haha.”

Aficionados of Ndaba were incredibly stressed over her character, Mazet who got shot by MamSonto when her little girl Thati found that she was the person who shot Bra Mike (Sonto’s life partner).

Here are some intriguing realities about the entertainer:


The entertainer has two siblings, and she is the last conceived and the solitary young lady. Her dad has different kids, 18 kin to be careful… from her dad’s side.


The entertainer learned at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls from grade 10 to matric. She graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science certificate with a triple major in brain research, financial aspects, and dramatization at Rhodes University.

She returned for a distinctions certificate and graduated in 2019 in emotional expressions, work in acting, actual theater and applied theater. Her arrangements to read for a Master’s certificate in Arts Management at Rhodes University fell through when she handled a part on Gomora a year ago.

She uncovered in a meeting that she studied Economics as a reinforcement, on the off chance that her arrangements for show didn’t occur.