The real reason why Thembi Seete still looks young and fresh

The real reason why Thembi Seete still looks young and freshThe real reason why Thembi Seete still looks young and fresh 1

Previous Rhythm City and Gomora entertainer, Thembi Seete stunned her devotees via online media when she as of late uncovered that she’s getting help with looking youthful.

The previous Boomshaka artist posted a snap of herself on her Instagram account getting treatment for her ‘hanging’ skin with the subtitle:

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Thembi Seete getting her treatment…

“I went for my first Anti Aging treatment with @drsandidyonase (Exilis and Peptide Resurfacer Peel). He utilizes a machine called Exilis Elite, which is the most trend setting innovation for fixing free and drooping skin, decreasing wrinkles and forming the body. Peptides work to guarantee your skin is reveled with proteins, giving a facial lifting, fixing and plumping experience. Skin will feel and look better and hydrated. This compelling enemy of maturing treatment gives your skin a no-nonsense exercise while you basically unwind, appreciate and receive the rewards. Skincare is essential for my solid way of life. It is a basically known reality that you will feel better when you look better.”

The real reason why Thembi Seete still looks young and fresh 2

The entertainer’s enemy of maturing treatment has now started discussion among her fans and South African superstars including her Gomora co-star, Connie Chiume, Refilwe Modiselle, Shaun Mkhize and some more…

Here are a few remarks from her superstar companions:

Chiume answered: “Rea tla moo.”(We are coming there)

Refilwe Modiselle answered: “How flavorful are you.”

Seete who has consistently been appreciated for her ‘characteristic excellence’ has now gotten reaction from a portion of her female adherents who assume that she’s too youthful to even think about getting treatment for ‘hanging skin’.as she’s as yet in her 40s.

Here are the negative responses from her fans:

“Furthermore, I thought you are normally charming mxm disillusioned, please God there will not be another Winnie Mandela or how in this world.”

“If you battle it. Age will at long last find you. In the event that YOU DON’T WANT TO CHANGE. At that point CHANGE WILL CHANGE YOU. That is the pattern of life.”

“Hostile to maturing implies contradicting maturing @all..meaning u have or had wrinkles!! In any case you can bear.”

“Thembi’s still youthful, just 44 and considers taking medicines to change her skin… .The best treatment is exercise center,, drinking loads of water to improve the shade of the skin… .It’s better she spends this treatment cash on children who need to examine.”

It is hazy if this is the first occasion when that the entertainer is getting the counter maturing treatment or if she’s constantly gotten help. It is additionally muddled why the artist shared her excellence mysteries now as most ladies conceal their medicines from the general population.