Dead or alive! Gomora’s Mazet is still alive

 Dead or alive! Gomora’s Mazet is still alive

 Dead or alive! Gomora's Mazet is still alive 1

Gomora’s fans are amazingly crushed by the previous evening’s scene which demonstrated Siphesihle Ndaba’s character, Mazet being shot by MamSonto after she executed her life partner Bra Mike in a capturing turned out badly.

Fans are going ballistic as they will just discover today whether Mazet is in any condition. While a few fans have taken steps to bring watching the show if Mazet is to an abrupt halt, some are trusting the entire shooting scene was a fantasy.

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Mazet’s vocation went down the channel when MamSonto resigned from her commandeering business to settle down with her late life partner. She took a seizing position with Ntokozo from an opponent and accidently shot and executed Bra Mike.

Thati considered this to be a chance to dispose of Mazet for the last time as the two never got along and consistently butted heads.

Thati has for a long while been itching to cut down Mazet on the grounds that she is envious of the relationship she imparts to her mom. She heeded her gut feelings which uncovered that Mazet is the individual answerable for the passing of her Bra Mike.

As per the mysteries during the current month, Mazet won’t pass on in spite of the fact that her relationship with MamSonto will change radically as she’s worshiped and adored MamSonto like a mother.… here are a few spoilers for February:

Mazet lives…

Sonto will obsess about how she dealt with Mazet while Mazet manages an oldie but a goodie. Subsequent to understanding that Mazet isn’t dead, Sonto will visit Mazet at the clinic, furnished and prepared. Does this imply that Sonto will attempt to polish Mazet off at the clinic?

An exceptionally defensive Aunty Dorah is going take steps to have Sonto tossed in jail and will capture Mazet’s auntie for attempting to squeal on her.

The two(Sonto and Mazet) will revive their relationship and toast to their gathering and Sonto will plant a seed for Mazet’s future. Prepare for another Mazet as she’s going to warm up to transforming herself for great. Mazet will begin going to classes. Is it true that she is returning to class?

The fact of the matter is uncovered!

Sonto cognizant will find her as she’ll begin having scenes which will raise in the most exceedingly awful manner. She should admit to slaughtering Thati’s better half to recuperate and have a typical life once more.

Thathi will at long last get familiar with reality with regards to the individual behind Mbongeni’s passing… she will disturb her mom’s rest furnished. Sonto’s double-crossing will transform Thathi into a beast as Thati will grab her mom who will neglect to persuade her girl to take her home.

What plans does Thathi have for her mom? Watch Gomora to discover…