Why Cindy left Scandal Scandal’s Violetta Bids Farewell

Why Cindy left Scandal Scandal’s Violetta Bids Farewell

Scandal’s actress, Cindy Mahlangu who plays the role of Violetta Mamba has let the cat out of the bag and bid farewell to her “slay queen” character in a tweet. The actress tweeted: “Violetta Mamba…It’s been good” two days ago.

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The actress confirmed her departure before fans on the show found out who made it out alive this Monday.

The storyline: It’s a two-day dramatic episode which began on Friday and will end tomorrow (Monday) where Violetta and Simo are locked up by Mamba after he found out about their affair. He leaves the former lovers with a gun and whoever reaches for it first and pulls it, makes it out alive. Fans were still waiting to find out who made it out alive on Monday before the actress revealed it on her social media.

Here are some reactions from Scandal’s fans on social media:

“I don’t buy it…you just want to kill us with the wait till Sunday just to make sure your character is dead. Simo died.”

“It breaks my heart to know that you are leaving the show. You have done a great job Cindy. I don’t know what I am going to binge watch now because you’ve lest Scandal. May God bless you for doing an exquisite job and continue to protect you in your future endeavours.”

“Did she die…you were so good…Vee was a live character.”

“Your character was well played. Its been an entertaining ride but all good things come to an end.”

Here is Cindy on The Queen as Siyanda:

The actress returned to The Queen where she continued playing the role of Siyanda “the waitress” where she is also in trouble with Simo Magwaza’s character, Dollar on The Queen. Simo Magwaza plays a drug kingpin on The Queen and a ruthless businessman, Mamba on Scandal. Although Cindy’s character on Scandal is married to Magwaza’s, she’s not married to Dollar on The Queen. On The Queen Siyanda stole 2million rand and she’s now in trouble with Dollar, who wants it back…

Here are some reactions from fans of both shows:

“Lol Dollar is on you on both Scandal and The Queen.”

“This man has you on the queen and scandal hhay sissy uDangerous.”

Though Violetta will be the one dying on Scandal, avid soapie watchers already knew that Cindy was the one who’d leave as Sandile Mahlangu’s (Simo) name appears on the opening credits listing of the show whilst Cindy Mahlangu’s name doesn’t.

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