Yoh! Apparently Ayanda Thabethe nearly killed herself

Yoh! Apparently Ayanda Thabethe nearly killed herself

Yoh! Apparently Ayanda Thabethe nearly killed herself 1

Yoh! Apparently Ayanda Thabethe nearly killed herself 2
Electronic media is whirling today again as Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung and his hubby Mohale Motaung’s alleged marriage shocks are under the spotlight again.

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This comes after a Twitter customer whose Twitter handle is @BadubeS, went on an outburst accusing Television mediator Andile Ncube, of probably being gay and having a sexual relationship with Sunday World essayist Theo Nyhaba.

The Twitter customer censured Andile for dealing with Nyhaba inside information on Somizi’s alleged unpleasant marriage. Andile was uncovering after he said something his appraisal on a clinical expert who has been proceeding onward Twitter, in the wake of tweeting that he probably got a homophobic man boycotted from enlisting at any school in the wake of creating a homophobic status on Facebook.

The subject was begun by MacG’s latest computerized broadcast on Podcast And Chill with Mac G, where he encountered brutal analysis for guilty the LGBTQI social order.

The young expert said the man apparently finished everything starting there causing stun on Twitter with many censuring him for being wicked. Andile commented and said the expert has mental issues and he needs help.

His tweet got him uncovered when @BadubeS, communicated, “No sweetheart. What will happen forward is: WE’RE TIRED OF PROTECTING YOUR SEXUALITY. We ought to analyze your gay sexual relationship with Sunday Wold author. Theo Nyhaba. The one you were dealing with information to about @Somizi besieged marriage” scrutinizes a tweet.

The Twitter customer further let the truth out on how Andile Ncube’s ex Ayanda Thabethe was left squashed after Andile purportedly played her untidy “And when are we going to discuss how Ayanda Thabethe nearly ended it all in the wake of finding your legs opened high in the sky for another man,” scrutinizes a tweet.

Andile and Ayanda requested of for legitimate partition several years earlier and Ayanda attested on Fresh Breakfast that it was a neighborly division “I accept that it is advancement. It’s game plan that it’s okay when things don’t work out. Furthermore, it’s moreover spilling yourself and all that you have into something. Likewise, when it doesn’t work since you’ve given all that you had, you don’t have any qualms about it. You don’t have any “what if’s” or whatever. So when you continue forward, it’s completely completed and you wish the other individual the best,” she explained.

Disregarding the way that she didn’t reveal the conditions that provoked their detachment, she continued to say that she isn’t stressed over individuals’ assessment on her or any of her decisions, “I just looked inside. It for the most part re-visitation of knowing yourself. Right when I get back, there is nobody there aside from me and I need to answer to myself. Am I playful or am I not? I should be straightforward to myself and really I just was disturbed in that space so I expected to go.”

Somizi once revealed Theo Nyhaba of apparently setting down with rich men to keep up his lifestyle. This came after the essayist made different articles about Somizi having various settings for his wedding and shutting down the Nelson Mandela Bridge for a pearl wedding.

“Theo Nyaba makes a ton out of poop about me that is fabricated….99% of the things that he’s elucidated me are ka*k” explained Somizi.