Why Dingaan officially changed his name to James Mostamai?

Why Dingaan officially changed his name to James Mostamai?

Dingaan Mokebe, entertainer, vocalist, voice craftsman and TV moderator celebrated as James Motsamai in Muvhango turns 43 today.

Dingaan Mokebe featuring as the boisterous and pompous elitist speculation intermediary James Motsamai in the drama Muvhango, charmed him to his fans. He joined the cast of Muvhango in 2003.

He supplanted both Duncan Senye and Vuyelwa Booi, as the single host of the customer rights show Speak Out. He took over in 2013 beginning with Season 6 and kept facilitating for three seasons, until 2016.

As he praises his 43rd birthday, how about we see how Dingaan Mokebe made news lately.

At the point when he changed his name formally to James Motsamai

Subsequent to being known as Muvhango’s James Motsamai for more than 16 years, entertainer Dingaan Mokebe formally changed his name to James Motsamai.

“Before I was James, I was no one worth mentioning and following 16-years of being James in Muvhango, I chose to respect the person who made my life marvelous by turning out to be him.”

“Having the entire Southern African Development Community know me as James for as far back as 16-years has transformed myself from numerous points of view. I have an inclination that I am James, not Dingaan I can identify with James more you know. Individuals call me James and I needed to quit battling it and acknowledge my predetermination.” said Dingaan Mokebe when tested about this move.

At the point when a lady asserted he punched her during street rage episode

Dingaan Mokebe was captured at his Alberton, Joburg south home, and was advised to show up in the Booysens justice’s court, after a street rage episode.

As per police explanations, Muvhango’s James Motsamai said he was driving his white BMW on Xavier Road when the lady Chaan Botha cut into his path without demonstrating.

Mokebe guaranteed Botha loudly mishandled him considering him a “f***ng k****r”. She at that point moved out of her vehicle and smacked the left half of his cheek and he didn’t retaliate,” claims the authority proclamation from Dingaan Mokebe.

Peruse the full story here

Chaan Botha

At the point when he offered dating guidance on Instagram

Entertainer Dingaan Mokebe, otherwise known as James Motsamai, advised ladies against putting on a show as they would live to think twice about it. The Muvhango entertainer shared his shrewdness and dating exhortation in a video he shared on Instagram where asked the inquiry – For what reason people never go for who they need?

“Women, have you ever acted shy realizing very well that you need this person yet you put on a show? And afterward when he was not, at this point intrigued and was with another person, that is the point at which you needed him however he was not, at this point accessible? – Said the Muvhango entertainer in the video

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