Sicelo Buthelezi:They Can Eat Their Heart Out Shem

Sicelo Buthelezi:They Can Eat Their Heart Out Shem

Picture Cred: Ok Mzansi” I resembled it’s fine released me and give it a shot, however I don’t know about these open tryouts so I arrived I tried out and had a callback and after my third get back to that is the point at which I began paying attention to it and I said perhaps there may be something here and after that that is the way I got the job,” he clarifies.


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The performer says growing up he generally saw himself on TV. Sicelo says he at first pointed toward cutting a profession in football, until he fancied and energy to the universe of diversion.

“It’s insane in light of the fact that I have consistently considered myself to be a soccer player, while I grew up I considered myself to be a TV character, so in my psyche I would play soccer and be on TV.”

“Growing up I used to admire Msawawa, I’ve generally seen me in him, my profession in TV was propelled by any semblance of Mxolisi Masilela, Oupa Malatjie the theater masters from Tembisa,” he adds

He says his vocation in venue acting commenced in 2015, and when he finished his matric in 2017 at Inqayizivela High school, he chose to prepare as an entertainer and a live entertainer for a very long time at the Market Theater.

The entertainer who depicts the fan-most loved character of Teddy in Gomora says he handled the part after his then instructor encouraged him to try out in the wake of seeing a post of the show’s open tryouts.


He says his ascent to fame was going great since he had no breaks in the middle.

“Its like God realized that this was going to happen that following graduating you will go to work and no an ideal opportunity to stand by and break.”

At the point when gotten some information about how could he be unique in relation to Teddy he says.

“Teddy is unadulterated ghetto yet I am in the middle, so with him I will appreciate the ghetto side of me, I will be the genuine Kasi Boy and with Sicelo I can adjust among that and furthermore his scholarly limit.”

The entertainer depicts the personality of Zodwa’s child played by Sana Mchunu, and he says featuring close by her on the show has been out and out astonishing.

“It resembles when Kutlwano chose to project us, he realized what was occurring. The energy we had right from the start, it resembles we understood what we were doing. It resembles we knew our characters 3 years back and now it’s an ideal opportunity to depict them, so working with her it was inherent.”

“The primary concern I have gained from the Market Theater is playing and not being proficient, exacting about your line, however playing that is what we have, we play a ton, even before the chief calls activity, we have just settled what we are going to being,” he clarifies.



Picture Cred: TimesLive

Sicelo says his character is cherished by numerous children since Teddy is a motivation to them.

“Many individuals resound with Teddy since he is youthful and he is kid that is the reason kids appreciate seeing this individual who depicts this individual who is holding a mirror they see themselves in.”

Talking about what ardent watchers of the show can expect pushing ahead from his character he says,

“Individuals can expect the hazier side of him and not saying he will be an awful kid however the saddest piece of his life is going to come out the present moment and more sad minutes. It’s not going to be the typical entertaining person any longer it’s going to be extremely pitiful,” he says

The entertainer as of late stowed a selection at the Royal Soapie Awards 2020 and he is designated for Oustanding Newcomer. Sicelo says he is pleased with her designation and for the love he has been getting even from Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi

“That for me implies that my work is being perceived and there is something else entirely to come and I am happy that individuals notice my persistent effort, quickly on my introduction, so for me it implies a ton it implies that there is acknowledgment in SA.”

The entertainer says he trusts one can make a vocation out of TV acting, however it relies upon what story you go to the business for.

“You simply need to not accompany the viewpoint that you need cash you need to have the adoration for the work after you have the affection for the work put in the work, be submitted.”

Sicelo and Ntobeko Sishi’s manly relationship has numerous on jealousy mode. The two have gotten Mzansi’s top pick on-screen couple, the entertainer says they have become companions even, in actuality.

“We cool significantly together, we jabber and discussion about our private matters or individual stuff, and that for me resembles making science even after work and when we need to accomplish the work its simple for us to gel on screen.”

Picture Cred: Quench SA

He says his character instructs Mzansi that life is entirely erratic.

“That life can be truly eccentric, one day you are this individual one day you are that individual and don’t simply expect that since this one is comes from this family unit they going to be a superior individual one day they may work for you.”

Sicelo says he actually lives in Tembisa and he needs to annihilate the point of view that on the off chance that you are a VIP you can’t remain in the area.

“I stay in Tembisa I don’t believe I’m going to leave at any point in the near future, That’s the commonplace viewpoint I need to dispose of that since I am on TV I need to move nah, I cam actually be a similar individual, I’m simply an average 9-5 man only that at my work there are cameras and you end up watching me at 07:30 pm consistently days,” he expounds.

The 21 year old says he is off the market and he says his female admirers can reassure themselves.

“They can check this out shem, I’am inaccessible.”

Sicelo has likewise pummeled a report that he is 35 years of age following an article erroneously guaranteeing that he is 35 years of age.

“I’m not 35 this things gets into me but rather I;m simply prefer on the off chance that you think as such, at that point alright, however for what reason don’t individuals inquire?”

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