Jub Jub finally addresses Kelly Khumalo

Jub Jub finally addresses Kelly Khumalo

Jub Jub finally addresses Kelly Khumalo 1The ‘I’m a changed man’ are the assumptions that have been exceptionally repeated by Jub since recapturing his popularity. From being the nations generally preferred not to being the man many keep awake on Sunday evenings to watch on their TVs, Jub is undoubtedly a changed man.

It is definitely that his life has been under investigation since he rose to distinction truly. In the wake of being detained, too blurred till he returned with a blast and it is all gratitude to his exceptionally effective dramatization reality arrangement, Uyajola 9/9.

He shut off the year 2020 with a nearly real meeting with previous rapper Slikour where he revealed a couple of perspectives about his life. ‘Nearly’ we state since he quickly prevented Slikour from discussing his family – he was unable to try and wrap up posing the inquiry he needed to get some information about his child Christian. Molemo has made it exceptionally certain that his private life isn’t to public utilization.

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In light of his online media there has not been a solitary post since the year 2021 began. Which asks the inquiries, What has Jub been doing?

His significant other

Jub was not kidding when he said he needs to keep his hidden life private. To such an extent that he has never posted an image of his significant other Zenith Mia, who obviously is Italian however comes from Cape Town.

It was all consuming, instant adoration for the two and he tried to sleeve her subsequent to being companions first. He truly needs to save their relationship which is the motivation behind why he doesn’t post her at all via web-based media in light of the fact that he accepts that is the thing that prompts numerous connections falling flat.

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His Children

Jub has two youngsters, a delightful child young lady – who obviously the name has not been uncovered – and an attractive child who is a carbon copy of him named Christian.

The Ndikhokhele hitmaker uncovered that he at first named his child an alternate name anyway Kelly had transformed it to Christian for her own reasons.

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What could he be up to now?

After a touchy last period of his effective unscripted TV drama Uyajola 9/9, he presented another unscripted TV drama which is as inebriating as Uyajola, named You Promised To Marry Me.

The last scene of Uyajola 9/9 circulated August 30, 2020 and it saw Jub taking a dip. The show that leaves miscreants trembling in fear has just begun recording for another season which will head this year and it appears to be their first stop was Mafikeng and according to normal the dramatization consistently followed.

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While Uyajola was on a break, You Promised To Marry took over with Jub showing up in a couple of scenes. Joke artist Moshe Ndiki has anyway made sure about the significant sack of facilitating the show, giving Jub enough free time to shoot Uyajola.

The moderator and host additionally scored him self a little part on Netlix’s Kings Of Joburg which debuted December 4 2020. Jub WaMaswidi assumed the job of a criminal who is essential for the King’s circle.

The muso has a ton on all fours nonstop to give his supporters the best diversion ever. So be keeping watch for that!


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