Ntando is setting the record straight!

Ntando is setting the record straight!

Ntando is setting the record straight! 1

Ntando Duma has conveyed a stinging applaud back at a fan who found out if she is dating Teddy from Gomora. Teddy is played by 2020’s breakout star Sicelo Buthelezi and has become a fan top pick.

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The Queen entertainer drew in with her fan on Instagram during a sincere valid or bogus meeting. “We should play valid or bogus. Straightforward inquiries,” she trained. Ntando’s capacity to keep her life hidden has left her fansa feeling somewhat inquisitive and that can make large numbers of them violate the limits.

In the valid or bogus game, there hushed up a couple of inquiries concerning her affection life anyway one that provoked a stinging reaction from her was the point at which the fan inquired as to whether there is anything going on among her and Sicelo.

Individuals have regularly connected both of them perceiving how Ntando uncovered that she had a renewed person in her life however obscured his face out. Numerous however they may have settled the riddle by expecting it was Teddy Wabantwana anyway it isn’t.

“Is Teddy from Gomora your beau?” the fan inquired. Ntando addressed the fan with an image by famous entertainer and socialite Bobo Mbele where he says ‘uyahlanya’ which means ‘you are insane.’

Who Ntando is dating right currently remains a secret. Despite the fact that many idea she had returned to her child daddy, Junior De Rocka, it appears to be like that boat has cruised. She considered him a loser father and even affirmed that he had hit her while she was pregnant.

“You undermined me when I was two months pregnant. Discovered you with her while you misled me that are gigging in Newcastle and you made me rest at your mother’s home! Got there and you HIT ME, even gladly told the entire of DBN “ngilishayile LeHlanya, (I hit that insane lady)” said Ntando.

Ntando has discovered love in the arms of a renewed person and on Twitter she discussed how mindful and cooled “her individual” was, and how appreciative she was for those character qualities. At the point when a fan sent her well wishes trusting that he keeps on doing as such, Ntando concurred by expressing they have been together for a very long time, and nothing has changed.

Fans were stunned to discover that the she has had a sweetheart for a particularly extensive measure of time, making her rapidly erase her tweets. Many were abandoned confounded about the thinking her withdrawing her assertions.

Ntando has likewise been all the rage after an alleged sex tape had circulated around the web with many reasoning it was her. She invalidated these cases by saying, “I genuine nearly accepted that was me in that video yaze yafana nami leya ngane (the young lady appears as though me) yet for affirmation, It is unquestionably NOT ME and I could do nothing of that nature. Have a decent day everybody.”