The Djs are suing their accuser!

The Djs are suing their accuser!

DJ Fresh and Euphonik keep on talking about the progressing assault examination against them. The two best buddies are blamed for supposedly medicating and assaulting four ladies. After the lady ended her 10-year quietness, it turned into a battle of words among her and numerous tweeps who have taken the DJ’s sides.

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Both the 947 DJ’s have chosen to venture down from their jobs at the radio broadcast to take into consideration the law to follow all the way through, yet a touchy issue like this requires all gatherings required to stay quieted. Notwithstanding, both the performers are as yet discussing the now-legitimate issue on Twitter leaving many squeezed.

Initially, according to their tweets they have both opened a case. The insights regarding their case are obscure now, however a wild supposition proposes that it very well may be a slander of character body of evidence against the informer. We took in this from a tweet by Euphonik where he freely asks the South African Police Service for their case number, saying they have been hanging tight for it for quite a while.

His haughty tweet peruses, “Hey @SAPoliceService not certain who we can converse with but rather we’re hanging tight for a case number and enthusiastically envisioning subtleties. Much obliged to you.”

Also, we have DJ Fresh’s haughty tweet which peruses, “This is all so abnormal, accounting for myself about an individual I don’t even know!!!!”

We state “contemptuous” in light of the fact that when a large number of our famous people are involved in fights in court, if genuine so-genuine, they generally stay away from discussing the case. anyway the two are not scared of taking pokes at the informer.

One disappointed tweep said Euphonik, was being altogether too presumptuous in endeavor to show individuals that he is going along, adding that their attorneys can undoubtedly get them their case number.

Shielding herself from twitter menaces, the one who names herself @Nampree on Twitter told TimesLIve “First, I need to make it clear I was not some sort of stocko or at all individuals call young ladies coordinated to engage the DJs. I was basically going with a companion to a chillas (chill meeting), and that is the place where the entire thing occurred,” she said.

Denying the charges, DJ Fresh repeated that he doesn’t have a clue about the lady at all and blamed her for lying. He figures that bogus charges, for example, these, make a joke out of the real cases in the nation as sex based brutality is a ceaseless issue, “…The actuality that these cases are false and from an obscure source, doesn’t make them less terrible,” Fresh told IOL.

“I am profoundly worried that false claims about GBV , particularly as it is perhaps the main cultural difficulties in South Africa, subvert the gravity of authentic occurrences, and effect the direness with which they are joined in. Each time somebody surrenders to the allurement of utilizing GBV to additional individual plans, the reason to annihilate this scourge makes a stride in reverse.”

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