It ended in tears for Lesedi and Austin

It ended in tears for Lesedi and Austin

It ended in tears for Lesedi and Austin 1

Connie Ferguson’s oldest little girl Lesedi-Matsunyane-Ferguson is extremely private about her life and is once in a while seen anyplace other than at their family home or at the exercise center. Anyway as of late she has been giving the community to her own space.

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The entertainer who has truly bloomed in the public eye responded to a couple of inquiries from her fans.

She uncovers that she quit dating her child daddy picture taker Austin Malema four years back. That, yet she is additionally single however prepared for another youngster.

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Austin Malema is one of the dads who are testing the clichΓ© idea of dark dads being missing by being engaged with his child’s life.

Generally of Austin Malema’s life, the star picture taker didn’t grow up with his dad, he was raised by his grandma since his mom was as yet a youngster when she had him, Austin says he’s constantly had the fantasy about turning into an incredible dad to his child.

“Call me bizarre however I’ve for a long while been itching to be a father. I adored the relationship that my number one sitcom father on All of Us had with his children and realized I’d be much the same as that” he said to TrueLove Magazine.

What Austin fortune’s the most is building a relationship with his child, Ronewa, who has a fanbase as an image lord via web-based media.

“It’s the seemingly insignificant details, investing energy and gaining from my child, to see him grin,” he said.

Neither Lesedi or Austin “Mr. Credit The Photographer” Malema have ever opened up to the world about their relationship or need there of, yet Austin is a lot of a piece of his child’s life. Austin is answerable for some of the photos on Lesedi’s Instagram feed yet seldom discusses her.