Waah! 3 times Diamond’s family shocked netizens

Waah! 3 times Diamond’s family shocked netizens

Waah! 3 times Diamond’s family shocked netizens 1

Precious stone Platnumz is an interesting issue in the news. Now and then with his astounding music breaking the web. Now and then, it’s to flaunt his new sweethearts. Yet, ordinarily, it’s not him in the features – it’s his family!

Family tea ALWAYS being spilled.

The Platnumz family is generally extremely vocal about their issues. With Diamond being a particularly enormous star, it’s no big surprise. Here are multiple times his fam stunned us with their tricks.

Jewel’s sister Esma Khan going to prison?

Apparently, Diamond’s sister might be in legitimate difficulty. Her prospective ex, Msizwe, is hoping to get lawful activity taken against her for ending her pregnancy. As indicated by Esma, she had done this since she didn’t cherish her significant other. She felt that there was no reason for siring a youngster if there was no adoration in the relationship. Yet, her previous spouse asserts that he didn’t think about her pregnancy and is angry with the circumstance. Msizwe additionally says that he experienced a great deal during the marriage. She is his third spouse. The couple had an immense ritzy wedding as of late. Things were working out in a good way until Diamond’s sister chose to leave her significant other.

For what reason is Diamond’s dad resembling a vagrant?

Precious stone’s dad, mzee Abdul Naseeb, was spotted looking drained and battered in a new photograph of him boarding a PSV and conveying a huge sack. It circulated around the web, with a considerable lot of Diamond’s fans asking why the very rich person hotshot wasn’t encouraging him out.

Waah! 3 times Diamond’s family shocked netizens 2

Jewel and his dad as of late met up. It appears to be that his dad had left his mom and the two rejoined exclusively following 20 difficult years. Truth be told, Diamond has recently expressed that he felt his dad had deserted his family. That doesn’t prevent his dad from addressing the media about Diamond’s own life. This incorporates his past union with Tanasha Donna.

Is Diamond’s Mother A Cougar?

Jewel’s mom is purportedly hitched to a more youthful man! While she was in Paris, she met the man in the air terminal while gathering her things. Over the long haul, the two became more acquainted with one another and ultimately experienced passionate feelings for. The man, in his 30s, hitched Diamond’s mom, in her 50s. He passes by the name Uncle Shamste and offers bits of knowledge about Diamond’s mother. He says she feels truly miserable when individuals censure her child via web-based media. She’s evidently hindered just about 20,000 individuals on the web!